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Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure

China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
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Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure


Large Image :  Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: CE
Model Number: HRD-100

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Carton
Delivery Time: 5-7 working days
Payment Terms: TT /LC, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 sets per month
Detailed Product Description
Detecting Range: Φ1.0—300 Mm Relative Velocity Between Sensor And Wire Rope: 0.0—6.0 M/s Best Choice:0.3—1.5 M/s
Best Gap Between Guide Sleeve And Wire Rope: 2—6 Mm,allowed Gap:0—15mm Output File Type: Word Files Output
Power: 5V Computer Power Supply Air Pressure: 86~106Kpa
High Light:

ndt testing equipment


non destructive testing machine

Non Destructive Testing Equipment , Wire Rope Inspection Steel Rope Flaw Detector


Parameter Setting and Calibration

Want to correctly use the wire rope computer detector, understanding the testing parameter significance and how to set the parameter first is the key. After the security testing instrument finish signal sampling to testing object, flaw analysis software in computer will analyze and process the sampling data on the basis of the setting parameter. If the parameter setting is unreasonable, it will cause the wire rope flaw quantitative judgment error, and affect the wire rope the flaw testing precision.

Using the wire rope security testing instrument, it is necessary to set 11 parameters, among that, the serial number, the diameter, the metallic cross-sectional area, the lay pitch, the sampling interval, the wave form reduce rate, and the cross-sectional area sensitivity can be obtained through looking up the data list, the computation, or technical data that the merchant provides. Most essential is the first threshold, the second threshold and the cross-sectional area datum value setting.


Serial Number Setting

This serial number column mainly is used for different parameter naming, in order to memory and search. It generally suggested that the user name it by the wire rope model specification and diameter, moreover also may increase some distinctive marks in this foundation, but cannot make the entire name be redundant. For example the wire rope that its diameter is 20mm, and its specification is 6×19S+FC, the naming is 6*19S+FC-20 (may increase any distinctive mark behind).


Diameter and Metallic Cross-sectional Area Setting

If testing some a wire rope flaw not only must know the wire rope diameter, moreover must understand the wire rope the structure. But due to adapt to the needs of different industries, changes in the structure of many rope, even if the wire ropes have the same diameter, their metallic cross-sectional area may be different. For example: Diameter with for 25mm wire ropes, the 6×WS(36)+IWRC wire rope metallic cross-sectional area is 319 mm2, the 6×Fi(25)+IWRC metallic cross-sectional area is 311 mm2, the area phase difference rate reaches 3%, moreover the wire rope also has wire rope core and fiber rope core different. Therefore, in metallic cross-sectional area parameter setting it must make every effort correctly. This parameter can be obtained through looking up the data list or actual calculation.


Lay pitch Setting

The wire rope lay pitch is that a jet of wire rope around the rope core one circle straight distance. Extending development has been made in the wire rope testing instrument, for testing the wire rope respective broken wire total number in the correlation length, how to test this length is different in different profession; it need accord the standard that is carried out. For example: when Shanghai Construction test hoist crane, the setting related length is 6×d (d is wire rope diameter)


Sampling Interval Setting

The wire rope security testing instrument signal uses equal space sampling. This parameter setting is according to distance locator guide roller in the sensor revolving a round and computer sampling 100, namely guide roller perimeter 1% for equipment sampling interval. Then, it is expressed by the followed formula:

Sampling Interval (mm) =Guide roller Perimeter (mm) ÷100




  •  For inspection of ropes with diameter from 1 to 300 mm (0.04" to 11.8"),  can be ordered with different size diameter
  •  Size 330 x 235 x 190 mm (13" x 9, 3" x 7, 5 ")
  •  Weight 15 kg (33 lbs)
  •  Speed along the rope during inspection - from 0 to 6 m/s (0 to 6, 54 yards/s)


  •  Dual-function: LMA and LF capability
  •  Speed does not affect readings
  •  Accurate distance wheel assembly
  •  Easy to install and re-install
  •  Easy to handle and fix on the rope
  •  3 changeable hall sensor units
  •  Temperature range -10 +50°C
  •  PC software control directly, continuously testing rope length more than 10000m
  •  Power: AC 220V±10%
  •  Working temperature: -20℃~40℃
  •  Storage temperature: -40℃~60℃
  •  Relative humidity:≤90%RH

Typical applications but not limited with:

Inspection of mining ropes, aerial ropeways (mostly ropes of chairlifts and gondola lifts), guy (suspension) ropes of bridges.



HUATEC HRD-100 Wire Rope computer detector

Windows system


1. Outline

The windows system of wire rope computer detector is the /GB system renewal product which based on the DOS software theory and the real time display alarm guiding ideology utilizes Visual Basic6.0 the programming language foundation, carries on the compilation to become.

This system hardware part uses the domestic and foreign advanced magnetic sensor and the independent research and development sampling module unifies, through RS232 (or USB) main line driving, directly storage data in computer.

This system software part is in the wavelet transformation analysis foundation, in utilizing Visual Basic 6.0 programming language foundation, carries on the compilation to become. Achieve the functions such as data acquisition and control, data analysis, data display, data storage and so on. Increase the visible characteristic in the DOS software function, and by its unique tendency continuously to track the way, may continuously, the dynamic observed data signal and its the change situation, and the real time display obtained result and sends out the alarm; Software increased the automatic evaluation function; In the partial flaw demonstrated on increased cross section and the total sectional area percentage; Software and Windows are completely compatible, suits to user's inertia operation, uses the Word files form production examination report.

This system software may compatible wire rope computer detector DOS software sampling data format, and can analysis processing to it.

The windows system took an independent operating procedure and the safe examination system, can conveniently be suitable for each kind of modern computer, and completes a series of examinations procedure.


2. Systems Demand


2.1 Computers Hardware Disposition Demand:

Processor: Above Celeron 1.5GHZ
Memory: 128MB
Hard disk: 10G
Connection: RS232 or USB
Monitor: Above VGA


2.2 Software Environment Demand:

  • This system supports the windows 9x/me,windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux etc operating system;
  • Need install Microsoft office word platform.


2.3 System Disposition

Magnetic sensor (including distance locator) A group
HUATEC HRD-100 real-time alarm apparatus One
Signal connection line One
RS232 transmission line (or USB to RS232 transformation line) One
windows special-purpose software package One
Computer One


Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 0

3 Software Installations

This system software installation includes following three parts:

1) Visual Basic plug-in unit (package) installation;

2) Windows special-purpose software installation;

3) USB to RS232 actuation installation (when computer has no RS232).


3.1 Visual Basic plug-in Unit (package) Installation

Visual the Basic plug-in unit (package) is a Visual Basic 6.0 small module, if the used computer has already installed Visual Basic programming software, the plug-in unit has not needed to install and might abbreviate the installation step, directly according to the follow operation to install the windows software; otherwise must install the plug-in unit. The plug-in unit installation concrete step as follows:

Insert the disk having the software to the drive (or connect other medium having the software file to the computer), open the folder, double-click on the “Setup.exe”, and just follow the request to operate and install.


3.2 Windows Special-purpose Software Installation

Windows belong to green software, this system software does not need to click to install, just directly copy. Specific installation steps as follows:

1) Insert this system software compact disc, (or connects other medium having the software file to the computer), open the compact disc file, there will appear some folders such as " windows", "package" and so on.

2) Copy the “windows" folder into the Disk C root directory (C: ), certainly must copy into the Disk C root directory

3) After copy finishing, open “windows" folder, may directly operate the executive routine which under "windows.exe" folder.

4) In order to operate simply, the user may carry out the following operation. Right-click on the "Windows.exe", and send it to the desktop as quick way. When next time operates this software, may directly click desktop quick way to open.


3.3 USB to RS232 Actuation Installation

When computer has no RS232 port (Serial Port), need convert the USB to RS232. The instrument contains USB to RS232 transformation transmission line and its drive. Specifically installation step as follows:

  • Insert the drive compact disc into the CD drive, open this transformation line drive folder, and click on the drive execution file, first according to the request to install the drive.
  • Insert one end of the conversion line into a computer USB interface, according to the computer popped new installation equipment drive request, choosing automatic searching drive options, by the computer to automatically install, and continue to install to complete.
  • If the computer has many USB connections, may according to the above method to insert the transformation line in turn, and recognize one by one and install drive.



4 System Operations


4.1 Hardware Connection

Note: the specifically detailed content may refer to in the wire rope computer detector instruction for use related chapter and make the simple description here.


4.1.1 Sensor introduction

Magnetic sensor: The sensor is composed by displacement locator (Leading wheel, encoder), the magnetization installation and the sampling organization. After the system activated, the wire rope and it has the relative movement, then it can gather the signal.

Displacement locator: Leading wheel rotated a circle, the photoelectric encoder sends out the sampling instruction pulse, realizing equal space sampling.

Magnetization installation: When the wire rope and it has the relative movement, completes to the wire rope axial magnetization.

Sampling organization: When the wire rope and the sensor have the relative movement, the Hall element composed the sampling channel will transform the wire rope magnetic flux leakage change condition into the simulation voltage signal.


4.1.2 HUATEC real-time alarm apparatus

The HUATEC real-time alarm apparatus is a portable multi-purpose data acquisition, through the RS232 transmission line to send and save the converted data signal to the computer, make use of the computer CPU formidable function on-line and real-time processing analysis, according to the equivalent threshold value which will set in advance sends out the real-time alarm. One group to give the sensor power supply lithium battery group, the output is 5V. There is an addition charge port to be possible to supply the charge and the power switch.


5. Testing report sample

Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 1Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 2Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 3Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 4Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 5



Standard accessories

Probe                             1 set      

Real time alarm            1pc
Signal cable                         1pc       

HRD PC analyse software  1set 
laptop                          1pc        

Communication cable         1pc
Charger                     1pc                 

Tool                                     1set
Instruction manual              1set  

Steel Rope Non Destructive Testing Equipment With 86 - 106Kpa Air Pressure 6

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