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Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance

China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
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Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance

Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance
Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance

Large Image :  Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: HXRF 130
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 500Pcs

Streamlined Mineral Analyzer HUATEC Handheld HXRF 130 Abrasion Resistance

Detector: BOOST Si-PIN Detector For HUATEC HXRF-130 Heat Dissipation: Equipped
Safety: Waterproof, Dust-proof And Shockproof Suitcase Range Of Detection: All Elements Between Mg And U.
Excitation Source: 50KV/200μA Dimensions: 254 X 79 X 280 Mm(L X W X H)
High Light:

streamlined mineral analyzer


anti slip mineral analyzer


abrasion resistance mineral analyzer

HUATEC Hand-held Mineral Analyzer HXRF 130


Ø Performance Features

1. Small, light and easy to carry.

2. High-speed processing chip, advanced algorithm and high-responsive software, resulting in even faster analysis.

3. High-performance X-ray Tube, Ultra-high Resolution Detector combined with Digital Multi-channel Processing Technology, yielding super-high detection resolution.

4. Indicator lights flash on both sides for safety purposes during measurement, i.e., the built-in double beam technology will automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window.

5. Industrial resistive touch screen, superior to capacitor screen in back-light and clearer against sunlight in the field. At the same time, people don't need to take off gloves when they are operating machine in some particular environment.

6. HUATEC HXRF-130 utilizes anti-slip, abrasion resistance and streamlined design, which is light and easy to carry. It also integrates the new high speed digital multi-channel technology, the new library grade base identification system and the super-FP algorithm. These features allow it to measure elements faster, with higher accuracy and greater repeatability.

7. Intelligent battery management exerts a real-time monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery through MSBUS bus.

8. Automatic switch to standby mode when not used and recovery after the machine is picked up, which saves power and extends working time; moreover, HUATEC HXRF-130 has a gravity sensing system which shuts down instrument automatically when it accidentally falls down, another safety consideration; HUATEC HXRF-130 will also give out alarm when ambient temperature or humidity exceeds the scope of application.

9. HUATEC HXRF-130 adjusts air pressure factor automatically based on altitude it has detected. This function increases excitation effect of light elements by 40% and that of rare earth elements by 30%.

10. On HUATEC HXRF-130, users can customize the reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results, spectrum and others (such as product description, origin of products and batch number).

11. HUATEC HXRF-130 is built with double beam technology which can automatically sense whether there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature. The brightness of the display of HUATEC HXRF-130 is automatically regulated according to environment brightness.

12. HUATEC HXRF-130 can be configured and maintained in a remote way via Internet.

13. HUATEC HXRF-130 can build a three dimensional element content distribution graph allowing for a fast estimate of mineral reserves or the extent of geological disaster with the built-in GPS for latitude and longitude reading combined with a 3rd party GIS analysis software.

14. HUATEC HXRF-130's new algorithm optimizes the spectral resolution, so lower detection limits can be achieved, which are comparable with even large-scale lab instruments.

15. HUATEC HXRF-130 Ultra-short optical™ path design can significantly improve light element excitation effects,

without the fall/fill condition.

16. HUATEC HXRF-130 has a built-in environmental sensing system covering conditions such as temperature, dust

humidity and others.



Ø Technology performance

1. Realize site fast, non-damage and exact analysis really, and show element content by ppm or percentage directly.

2. Small volume, fast and high precision.

3. The analysis samples can be solid and liquid objects like ores, rocks, slags, fragments, soil, slurry etc.

4. It can do intelligent test for uneven or small samples, also very small samples can be measured and recognized.

5. You just need to make it touch the object surface, then you can determine ore grade, element types and content in site.

6. It can keep high performance working even under direct big sunshine and high temperature, which benefits from the low power consumption and timely discharge of great heat in the design.

7. Endure server working condition: sealed with wear and scratch resistant full metal shell, then it can work normally in the rainy and dusty mineral environment.

8. Considering workers’ long usage of equipment, then the design insures the safety as most important thing, the key parts are sealed in full metal to achieve the global lowest radiation standard.

9. Electromagnetic jams are shield, so it can work even close to mobile phone or dural wireless communication devices.

10. The fastest analysis speed in the world, only 2s can identify mineral element.


Ø Elements to be Analyzed and Test Modes

Analysis mode Analysis elements
HUATEC HXRF-130 Standard configuration mode analysis range, such as special elements, can be added K,Ca,Ti,V,Cr,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn,As,Se,Rb,Sr,Y,Zr,Nb,Mo,Ag,Cd,Sn,Sb,Hf,Ta,W,Au,Hg,Pb,Bi.

Ø Technical parameters and specifications

Weight 1.6Kg(with battery).
Dimensions 254 x 79 x 280 mm(L x W x H).
Excitation source 50KV/200μA maximum pipe pressure pipe flow can be adjusted freely,Agtarget (standard),Au,W,Rh target(optional).
Detector BOOST Si-PIN detector for HUATEC HXRF-130.
Range of detection All elements between Mg and U.
Display system

Industrial resistive touch screen with screen size of 4.3".

Proprietary operating system software and sound waves.

Multiple languages including English and Chinese.

And it automatically adjusts display brightness according to the environment brightness.

Data processing

32GB memory

USB, bluetooth, WIFI, or liked to the Internet; instrument can be

configured and repaired remotely.

Data can be exported via EXCEL or PDF. Users can customize the

reports by adding their company logos, addresses, test results,

spectrum and others (such as product description, origin and batch


Heat dissipation Equipped with a dedicated T-shaped radiator to dissipate the heat;no need to wait for cooling of detector time again.

Built-in double beam technology can automatically sense whether

there is a sample at the measurement window. This is also a safety and protection feature.

Waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof suitcase

Safety Band;

Power supply system

Intelligent battery management through MSBUS bus, real-time

monitoring of the residual capacity of battery and backup battery. The battery complies with air transport regulations of dangerous goods.

A single battery can last 8 hours.


Ø XRF-HUATEC HXRF-130 radiation safety

Radiation Safety Guarantee

Low power (4W) X-ray tube, mini collimator reduces radiation quantity effectively;

X-ray tube radiation protection shield avoids X-ray escape;

The structure producing radiation is all in equipment interior, you don't need to align or calibrate X ray, then ensure not detect any measurable radiation in equipment operation process;

X ray indicator light alarms user the radiation production;

Independent safe circuit and DoubleBeam interlock tool can protect user safety effectively;

Conform to dosage limit requirement in <Radiation protection standards for X-ray diffraction and fluorescence analysis equipment> (GBZ115-2002);

Conform to valid annual dosage limit requirement for workers and public in<Ionizing Radiation Protection and Safety of Radiation Sources basic standards> (GB18871-2002);


Monitoring results:

Point No. Point Description Testing Results (μSv/h) Device State
1 2 3 4 5 Average
1 5cm above the surface of the device 0.10 0.11 0.12 0.10 0.09 0.10 Turn On
2 5cm the surface left of the device 0.10 0.12 0.10 0.11 0.12 0.11 Turn On
3 5cm the surface right of the device 0.10 0.12 0.10 0.11 0.13 0.11 Turn On

5cm below the surface of the device

(holding place)

0.12 0.10 0.10 0.11 0.12 0.11 Turn On
5 5cm back the surface of the device 0.09 0.08 0.10 0.12 0.08 0.09 Turn On
6 Operation place 0.10 0.09 0.11 0.08 0.09 0.09 Turn On
7 Public Distance Zone 0.09 0.05 0.07 0.08 0.06 0.07 Turn Off

Note: the testing result doesn’t deduct radiation background value.


Ø ​After service

1. Quality warranty:

HUATEC Group commits that HUATEC HXRF-130 handheld spectrometer is fabricated with fine grade materials and top notch workmanship. It is brand new, never used, and in full compliance with the quality provision of this Contract. HUATEC HXRF-130 warranty is 12 months starting from the date of final acceptance of the goods/commissioning of machine.


2. Technical training:

Operating Manual of HUATEC HXRF-130 Handheld Spectrometers

Maintenance Manual of HUATEC HXRF-130 Handheld Spectrometers


3. After-sale service

Over the years, HUATEC Group has sold XRF instruments to many global users. In order to provide better technical support and service, it shall be committed to.

1. Services including

a) HUATEC Group shall provide after-sales service to all products it has sold worldwide.

b) HUATEC Group shall provide a one-year warranty for the spectrometer it has sold worldwide.

c) HUATEC Group shall provide one-year warranty for X-ray Tube (X-ray tube)and Detector


d) HUATEC Group shall provide one-year renewal warranty for the replaced components in case there is any replacement of them during repair of machine.

2. The following physical damage is not covered by warranty.

a) Instrument is impacted by great force that the internal impact sensor changes from white to red;

b) Detector is broken

c) PDA is broken;

d) Instrument body is broken;

e) Loss of accessories

f) Loss of components

g) Water coming into instrument

3. In case the instrument is not able to operate, the customer can call after-sales service for help; we offer 3 types of repairs:

a) Internet repair: if the customers are in foreign countries or remote areas, we can offer them

first the INTERNET repair service.


b) Phone repair: customers called over the phone to explain explicitly the problem and our

Technical staff will instruct them to solve the problem.

c) On-site repair: in case the phone repair fails, our technical personnel will go to the site to

repair the instrument within 72 hours after the problem is reported;

4. Out-of-warranty service: upon expiry of the warranty period, all customers are still entitled to

out-of-warranty service during the working life of the instrument.

5. Privilege in out-of-warranty service: customers shall have the privilege to get a preferential prices on the components when they maintain their instrument during the out-of-warranty period as long as they maintained it beforehand.

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