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CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data

China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
China HUATEC  GROUP  CORPORATION certification
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CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data

CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data
CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data

Large Image :  CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HUATEC
Certification: ISO, CE, GOST
Model Number: TG-1665
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Packaging Details: Standard export package
Delivery Time: 1-4working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union,Paypal
Supply Ability: 500Pcs

CE HUATEC TG-1665 Metal Thickness Tester Store 2000 Data

Measuring Range: 0-1500μm 0-2000μm 0-3000μm 0-5000μm Using Environment: 0℃-50℃ And 20%RH-90%RH,not Strong Magnetic Place.
The Thinnest Matrix: 0.4mm Measurement Accuracy: ±(3%H+1.5)
Resolution Ratio: 0.1μm /1μm Minimum Curvature: Bugle5mm;concave5mm
Minimum Matrix: 18*15mm
High Light:

store 2000 data metal thickness tester


ce metal thickness tester


ce 2000 data wall thickness gauge

HUATEC economy cheap Coating Thickness Gauge TG-1665


Coating thickness gauge is a professional measurement of metal material surface coating layer thickness of the major object of non-destructive testing equipment. According to the different metal substrates using different measuring methods.

A,Magnetic thickness method, can be nondestructively measuring magnetic metal matrix ( such as: steel, iron, nickel ) on non magnetic coatings thickness ( such as: galvanized, chrome, paint, electrophoresis, enamel, rubber, powder coating, enamel, etc.)

B,Eddy current thickness method, can be nondestructively measuring non-magnetic metal substrate ( such as: aluminum, copper, stainless steel ) of non-conductive coating thickness ( such as: paint, powder, plastic, rubber, enamel, enamel, coating etc.)

Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge with the A function; also known as: magnetic coating Thickness Gauge, this instrument uses:GB/T4956-2003 standard ( magnetic method )

Dual-purpose coating thickness gaugewith the A and B of all functions, called: dual coating thickness gauge, the apparatus uses JJG818-2005 standard

Coating thickness gauge is widely used in coating industry, manufacturing industry, metal processing industry, chemical industry, shipbuilding, machinery, commodity inspection and testing field.


l Coating thickness characteristics

A, Fine small integrated design, convenient to carry

B, Simple operation, quick test speed

C, Two test methods: a continuous test and a singlemeasuring method

D, statistical functions: maximum value, minimum value, average value, the number of measurements

E, Can store 2000 measurement data

F, The instrument can be connected computers communicate to read the stored data to save or print

G, Two calibration methods: zero calibration and two point calibration

H, Operation process has the buzz sound prompt ( single measurement )

I, Automatic recognition of Fe and NFe substrates

J, Super LCD display backlight, with screen rotation inversion function.

K, Unit conversion function um/mil

L, Low voltage indication

M, Manual / automatic shutdown function

l Technical parameters:

A,Measuring range:0-1500μm 0-2000μm 0-3000μm 0-5000μm

B,Using environment: 0℃-50℃ and 20%RH—90%RH,not strong magnetic place.

C,the thinnest matrix: 0.4mm

D,measurement accuracy:±(3%H+1.5)

E,resolution ratio:0.1μm /1μm

F,minimum curvature:bugle5mm;concave5mm

G,minimum matrix:18*15mm

H,power source: threealkaline batteries( no.7)





l Methods of use

Press the "ON / OFF" button and the instrument will automatically enter the measuring state when it is displayed on the LCD screen.

When measuring the workpiece, the measuring head is vertical and fast pressed to the coating surface of the workpiece. The thickness of the coating is automatically measured by the measuring head, and the thickness is displayed by the display screen.

(Note: When measuring, note that the probe should be perpendicular to the object under test)

The thickness gauge is placed in the middle of the matrix before measuring the thickness of the coating. The accuracy of the measurement is the direct measurement of the workpiece. If the result of the measurement is deviated, the coating of the workpiece should be retested after the instrument is calibrated.



l Instrument calibration

Calibration of “zero”:press gauge head on matrix and then press “zero”,let loose of“zero”latter,hold on the gauge head while“cal”displaying,otherwise calibrating is failed.

Ø Calibrating of two points

1, Calibrate “zreo”position at first.

2, According to thickness of cladding material choose a similar film ,put the film on the material and measure it,if the measured value is different from the film,please hold on the gauge head and operate “+,-”to correct it.(Attention: please hold on gauge head while you correcting.)

[ [Remarks: as different producers offer matrix(iron or aluminum plate) in different raw materials ,it maybe have some difference(zero position) from which you are holding, in order to get more accurate measuring value, we suggest you to find a matrix which is non-cladding to calibrate “zero” position.]

l Transform of measuring mode

The coating thickness tester default single measurement mode, if you want to change it to continuous automatic test mode, please follow the following mode: after closing the machine and press "+" and“on/off”key, first release the “on/off”key, and finally release the "+" key, it will become a continuous automatic test mode.

l Screen rotation display

According to the "TA" (about 3S), the result of the test is reversed at 180 degrees. This function is good for reverse detection.

l Statistics function

A, the number of measurements is displayed directly on the lower right corner of the display window, showing No:.

B,max,min,mea wold display in turn as you press “TA” key.

l Test result data save, delete, view

This instrument can store 2000 data, and the data is divided into 10 groups, and each group holds 200 data.

1. Select save data group operation

Such as the need to store the data need to make the following Settings: in shutdown state at the same time, press the "TA" button and the "ON/OFF" button, to let go of "ON/OFF" key and then let go "TA" button, display shows 1, through the "+" "-" button to the right group, press the "ZERO" button to confirm and return to the test state, when measuring, testing data is automatically saved to the selected data set, when the data is stored beyond, the latest data will first remove cover.

2. Check data

In the state of shutdown, press "TA" and "ON/OFF" at the same time, first release "ON/OFF" and then release "TA". When the display window displays 1, select the appropriate group through "+" and "-", press "TA" to enter, and search the data through "+" and "-". Press the "TA" key again to return to the test status.

3. Delete data (whole group):

At the shutdown state at the same time press the "TA" key and "ON/OFF" key, first release the "ON/OFF" key and then release the "TA" key, display display 1, through the "+" "-" key to select the appropriate group, press "Mu m/mil" key to delete all the data, the buzzer ringing 3 sound back to the test state.

Note: it is also possible to delete all data by selecting communication software

l Return to original setting

In using procedure, if it can not work or has a big error of data, please return it to original setting in the following approaches: press“on/of” and “zero” key at the same time in power off situation, then, let loose of “on/off” at first and let loose of “zero” secondly, Fe and NFe would display by turn, it means successful setting, power off and turn it on at last, it can come back to work as normal.

l Maintenance

1.Please keep it in environment of 0℃-40℃ and relative humidity≤85% ,take out battery while you do not use and clean gauge head and film regularly.

2.Please put it in a place which is not strong magnetic, greasy and dusty, do not colliding.

List of industrial products

NO Item name Magnetic Coating Thickness Gauge Dual-purpose coating thickness gauge
1 Coating Thickness Gauge 1PC 1PC
2 Standard film 4 slices 4 slices
3 Fe/NFe Fe Fe/NFe
4 Battery 3 links 3 links
5 Instructions 1PC 1PC
6 Certificate 1PC 1PC
7 Clean cloth 1PC 1PC
8 Portableinstrument bag 1PC 1PC

Optional: PC communication software, PC communication data cable

Warranty: one year

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